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RedMobile - Node-RED on Android

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Hiroyuki Okada
5.1 and up+
mai, 15 2019
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Hiroyuki Okada
Node-RED server runs on Android
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This app can launch Node-RED on Android.
Just press the start button. If necessary, you can also set the BASIC authentication at port switching and Node-RED login. When setting up BASIC authentication, please enter both username and password.

When Node-RED starts up, the URL will be displayed, so please access with the browser or local PC of that device.

- Node-RED 0.20.5 ( node.js v10.13.0)
- Simple Start (one click)
- Basic authentication can be set.
- Port changeable
- Access from local network
- Launch dashboard quickly within the app
- Run in the background
- Support App Shortcuts ( > android 8.0)
- Supports URL scheme (redmobile://)
- Additional nodes
- Original nodes specialized for Android

Additional nodes
- node-red-dashboard
- node-red-contrib-mqtt-broker
- node-red-node-base64
- node-red-contrib-telegrambot
- node-red-node-dropbox

Original nodes
- motion
- gyroscope sensor
- light sensor
- geolocation
- compass
- magnetic sensor
- voice recognition
- speech synthesis
- InAppBrower
- dialogs (alert, confirm, prompt, beep)
- vibrate

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Nouveautés de RedMobile - Node-RED on Android v1.4.6 APK

- bugfix
- update some libraries
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