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Partiture Live - Learn to Read Sheet Music

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Damian Diorio
KitKat 4.4 - 4.4.4+
avril, 17 2019
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Damian Diorio
Play Music, Generate the Sheet In Real-Time, and Learn to Read Sheet Music!.
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Partiture Live is The First and Only Android App which records Sound and Converts it in Real-Time to Score or Sheet Music.

It supports English Language.

It is the Perfect App to Learn to Read Sheet Music with the Fastest, Most Effective, and Most Enjoyable Method, or for to Transcribe or Convert Piano, Guitar, Singing, Sax, Violin, or Bass Musical Pieces to Sheet Music.

It provides 3 Classes of Learning or Transcription Systems in Real-Time: Only Rhythms, Only Notes, or Full Score (Rhythms and Notes).

1) Rhythms: A Single Horizontal Line Sheet which shows Rhythms (Crotchets, Quavers, Semiquavers), appearing in Real-Time at the Right and going to the Left.

2) Notes: A Single Vertical Line Sheet which shows the Current Note being played in Real-Time (A4, D5, E6).

3) Full Sheet or Score Music (Notes and Rhythms): A Classic Score of What You Play is Shown in Real-Time.

Learn always with the Songs that you Like the Most, Choosable at Every Moment!.
No more learning with Old Sheets of Songs you Do not Like!
No more having to do Hard Calculations to Learn to Read Sheet Music!.
Learn by seeing how what you play is written!.
This Easy and Fun!.

General Features:

1) You can Play your Instrument and get in Real-Time, Second by Second, your Full Score.

2) You can Tune your Instrument in Real-Time with 'Low' or 'High' Indicators, comparing the Recorded Note with Any Note you would Select.

3) You can set the Musical Figures' Durations (Quaver: 200 to 400 Miliseconds).

4) You can set the Notes/Frequencies' Convention (A4: 440 Hertz or Other).

5) You can see the Names of All the Notes you play, inside the Very Same Figures, or disable this option.

6) You can get the Rhythms' Sheet either by Recording Sound, or either by Pressing a Rhythms' Button, without making any Noise, just with your Cellphone.

7) You can Save your Sheets and Audios and Play them any other day.

We update the App on Weekly Bases.
Since the Day of its First Release on the First of January we have updated the App 186 Times!, With Little, Median, and Big Improvements!.

Do not forget to read the Users' Guide after using the App for the First Time!.
(It is important to know that it only recognizes 'One Note at a Time': For example, It does not recognizes Chords).

Trial Version with Ads and Limitations.
Get the Full Version inside the Very Same App for $0.99 Dollars!.


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